In everything we do, we believe in improving your experience; we believe in challenging the status quo. is a secure online property sales platform that offers you an experience that is Quick, Convenient, Mobile and Secure. Our encrypted bidding protects buyers and sellers from the many risks associated with property sales.

Are you a SELLER?  Our property sales are not limited to a ceiling asking price. Buyers submit their BEST competitive private offers without being influenced by weaker bidders.   Sellers get to conveniently view all the competitive offers in a private forum after the bid closing date, thereby ensuring their privacy and importantly protecting their property value.

Are you a BUYER? A SEALEDBID buyer is empowered to make their own decisions without undue influence - NO ghost and NO vendor bidders.  Our buyers privacy and confidentiality is an imperative and it is through SEALEDBID’s encryption technology that buyers can now enjoy complete anonymity and convenience from the comfort of their own home.

We establish a definitive “line in the sand” moment in time in the form of a set sealedbid closing date. This strategy gives sellers and buyers certainty as to the transaction timeline allowing both to confidently plan ahead. 

It is through our technology, innovation and integrity that both buyers and sellers can now TRANSACT WITH CONFIDENCE.

SETTING THE PACE is recognized as leading an industry that is demanding change.

We have our finger on the pulse, regularly analyzing area specific property sales and trends.

The secret to our success is brought about through our dynamic secure and convenient platform utilising the latest encryption technology which together with our national marketing campaigns, engages a massive audience. 

Sellers can comfortably relax knowing that with SEALEDBID their property and privacy is protected while buyers now have the convenience and confidence to register, bid and ultimately buy property from the comfort of their own home.


To create a secure and convenient experience that is quick and simple to use where sellers and buyers can TRANSACT WITH CONFIDENCE.


Integrity; Security; Convenience; Simplicity; Dynamic.


SEALEBID is the safest and most convenient way to sell and buy property. With over 20years of experience in property transactions, we have specifically designed our Competitive Secure Bidding Platform to protect sellers and buyers from the many risks associated with property sales.

SEALEDBID is recognized as the game changer, giving both sellers and buyers the convenience and security that is demanded in the modern market place.  Equally important, you have certainty in the process with a defined timeline and can rest assured knowing that with Sealedbid’s encryption technology, your information remains strictly private and confidential.